May. 28th, 2010

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Ok, i've got something to get off my chest. My partners boss is a total bitch and honestly, if i ever met her i'd be mighty tempted to bawl her out over the way she's been bullying and mistreating her staff. Good thing i don't know what she looks like. >:( Seriously, the amount of shit i hear about her yelling at ppl for being sick, not giving ppl proper breaks, micro-managing senior staff that she really ought to trust and generally being super-unpleasant to be around, it's ridiculous. Nobody deserves to come home from work feeling helpless, ground down and dispirited. Noone deserves to have their confidence in themselves squashed again and again. It's fucked.

I wish i could help my sweetie more to deal with this and get away from this toxic work environment. I feel quite helpless and a little overwhelmed, partly because i'm trying to get into a rhythm of creating for myself, and a huge part of me feels super guilty about not putting all my energy into trying to find a paying job so that she can quit. I can recognize the many fallacies in this kind of thinking, but that's how i feel. :(
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So, anyway, onto something a little more positive. One of the things that i've really been appreciating about my new camera is how awesome it is for high speed photography! And what with the massive sensor, 15MP and reasonable zoom, this means that i can finally take decent photos of birds. :) Yes, i've become a twitcher! (A filthy twitcher, some might say. I may have to buy an anorak)

One of the things that's been fascinating me recently is how many different kinds of birds there are to be seen in metro Melbourne. There are the usual exotic pests such as pigeons and starlings and Indian mynahs, and plenty of the familar urban natives - magpies, crows, noisy miners etc, but also birds that i'm constantly running to my field guide for - puple swamphens and white-plumed honeyeaters and red rumped grass parrots! It's pretty awesome. And finding out where various birds are likely to be spotted is another way of reconnecting with Melbourne for me - seeing the ways that life will adapt to different environments, and the ways in which urban does not nessacerily equal tame.

Tl;dr, here are some pretty pictures i've been taking )


Yes! It's a motherfucking Peregrine falcon! :D (Again around Trin Warren Tam-boore)


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